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The Chris Pine Hand Porn Spectacular

Devoted solely to the magnificently exquisite hands of
Christopher Whitelaw Pine


Happy Birthday, Christopher Whitelaw Pine (August 26th, 1980)

“I like this idea of becoming fully realised…We have one shot at this life, and we have all these potentials and capabilities, so what I’m interested in is how can you live so that by the end, you’ve truly investigated yourself and lived life to the full?”

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Chris Pine on - Tomo Brejc portfolio (x)

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Happy Birthday Chris Pine! (August 26, 1980)

Life flies by, and it’s easy to get lost in the blur. In adolescence, it’s ‘How do I fit in?’ In your 20s, it’s ‘What do I want to do?’ In your 30s, ‘Is this what I’m meant to do?’ I think the trick is living the questions. Not worrying so much about what’s ahead but rather sitting in the grey area - being OK with where you are.

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You’ve never seen a set coalesce around an idea of humiliating actors as quickly as this. (x)

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good christ, pine.  

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and god said, “let chris pine be a prince”

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hey man, you're absolutely awesome...I like your movies..specially Star Trek...have you ever been in puerto rico ? asked by Anonymous

uum…I’m not Chris Pine tho he is aware this blog exists (thanks douche who runs trekmovie), but no, I’ve never been to Puerto Rico.

Chris Pine: ELLE Man of the Week

Chris Pine: ELLE Man of the Week

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I hate watching myself. I’m in the business of movies so I have to, but it’s painful! I mean, yeesh. First of all, you want to do a good job and there are so many times you’ll think, ‘Okay, I know I did different versions of that take, why did they choose that one?’ or, ‘why was I so bad in that scene?’ and of course you’re going to be critical, but it’s your work and your face and you take pride in it and often want to do a better job.”

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