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The Chris Pine Hand Porn Spectacular

Devoted solely to the magnificently exquisite hands of
Christopher Whitelaw Pine

Chris Pine: ELLE Man of the Week

Chris Pine: ELLE Man of the Week

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I hate watching myself. I’m in the business of movies so I have to, but it’s painful! I mean, yeesh. First of all, you want to do a good job and there are so many times you’ll think, ‘Okay, I know I did different versions of that take, why did they choose that one?’ or, ‘why was I so bad in that scene?’ and of course you’re going to be critical, but it’s your work and your face and you take pride in it and often want to do a better job.”

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Chris Pine in “Horrible Bosses 2” (x)

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Chris Pine for Armani Code (Promo) (x)

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Chris Pine | Giorgio Armani - 2015 S/S Menswear Collection Post Show Interview

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Actor Chris Pine visited Verona with Roberta Armani and friends. June 24, 2014. [hq] part 1 

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